Success Story
Building bridges, crossing hurdles, removing obstacles – Sunrise Freight Forwarders continues to rise and sparkle for over a decade and a half. It expects to radiate and shine for eons, with the unflinching and untiring support of its customers and well wishers.
From a one-person basement office to an organization that has nine branches, 180 employees. We plan to encompass the west and south of India too. Moving forward with the times, sensing the pulse of the moment Sunrise Freight Forwarders is an organization whose mast is held high with the vision, vivacity and farsightedness of Mr. Ashwani Handa, who has put in place a professional set up that works like a well oiled and efficient cohesive structure.

The Sunrise Team

Handling over 5000 containers annually and over 2000 tonnes of air cargo, besides custom clearing for our loyal shippers nominated shipments we are poised to grow further and higher. We have a target of an increase in 30% on Sea and Air this year.

Today as we stand on the thresh hold of further growth, our vision remains the same as before: FROM GOOD TO GREAT. Our mission remains to be the world leaders in freight forwarding, hand in glove with our Global partners.

Our Core Strengths:

  • Logistics
  • Custom Clearance
  • Consolidation
  • Door-To-Door Delivery
  • Tech Savvy
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Strong Loyal Employee Base
  • Strong Financial Base
  • MTO

We continue to grow with the support of our customers and their loyalty. We are always there on the look out for our customer’s interests, from securing their cargo, to clean and fast custom clearance, to getting them the best rates from Airlines and Shipping lines. Now with our worldwide partners we are able to deliver at our customers' door, whether duty paid or unpaid.

Our 167 strong employee base gives us an unbeatable advantage in the market place. Well educated and qualified they are there 24 hours for our shippers.

Sunrise has a clean straight reputation of the highest integral standards with Shipping lines and Airlines resulting in very ethical and strong dealings with them, thus, enabling us to get the best deals for our customers.

We continue to look forward to your support and feedback.





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