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Check List for Importers

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Check List for Importers

bullet IEC No. copy incorporating your PAN No.
bullet IEC No. is transferred to custom through on line by DGFT.
bullet Authority letter addressed to deputy commissioner of custom appointing M/s Sunrise Freight Forwarders Pvt. Ltd., as your custom clearing agent.
bullet Authority letter addressed to concerned airline/shipping line to hand over the delivery order to M/s Sunrise Freight Forwarders Pvt. Ltd.
bullet Bank signed invoice and packing list if it is a commercial consignment.
bullet If the consignment is consigned to bank, then we need bank release order on banks letterhead.
bullet If shipment is on to pay basis, then we need freight draft and also freight certificate on your letterhead to get the delivery order.
bullet Technical write-up/ catalogue/ literature related to item.
bullet Manufacturers price list or proof of manufacturers selling price world wide.
bullet Invoice and packing list must mention HS codes
bullet If product is under dangerous goods then the relevant certificate is required
bullet Chemicals must have the test and analysis report
bullet Please remember textiles and chemicals are normally sent for testing on arrival so get extra detention free days in your bill of lading if by sea.
bullet Certificate of origin
bullet Importer and GATT declaration duly filled signed and stamp by the party.
bullet If shipment is under DEPB, DFRC, DEEC, EPCG:
bullet The original license duly registered with customs at the port of clearance.
bullet In case the scrip is registered at any port other than the port of clearance, transfer release advice along with original copy of scrip is required.
bullet In case the import is of 2nd hand capital goods, kindly ensure the following:

The shipping documents must be accompanied with a chartered engineer’s certificate giving the following details:
bullet Name of the machine
bullet Manufacture’s name, model & Sr. No. of the M/c
bullet Year of manufacture
bullet Value of similar new machine
bullet Current market value
bullet Catalogue with description
bullet In case of second hand machinery import against EPCG .the EPCG license must mention that second hand machinery import allowed on the EPCG.
bullet In case the import is against advance license/EPCG license, the original license should be forwarded before landing of shipment for registration with customs. Please ask for the format of bond/BG/undertaking to given for registration.
bullet Documents required for registration of advance license:
bullet Original license with all annexures and forwarding letter with self attested copy of importer exporter code
bullet Covering letter addressed to the deputy commissioner of customs, requesting for registration at relevant ports and authorising us to present the documents on importers behalf
bullet Bond under notification (updated) duly attested by the notary and signature/s attested by the bank. With self attested photo address proof of both witnesses (photo address proof like driving license, voter’s id, passport.
bullet Bank guarantee if party does not have export house/star export house /super star export house or turnover certificate attested by the range excise authorities.
bullet Self attested copy of complete application submitted to DGFT for the issuance of relevant license.
bullet Calculation sheet/schedule attached with bond.
bullet Self declaration on Rs. 50 stamp paper attested by notary about non-penalisation by customs for non-compliance with export obligations with respect to the licenses issued earlier.
bullet Self attested copy of company’s memorandum/partnership deed .in case of Pvt. Ltd./Ltd Co., company board resolution authorising the signatory for executing the relevant documents.
bullet If shipment is cleared under TRA then original license, DEPB/DFRC/DEEC must accompany the TRA.
bullet Imports by 100 % EOU:
bullet Excise registration certificate in original
bullet Green card in original
bullet Copies of the bond submitted to range excise authorities
bullet Reimport after repairs abroad
bullet Original import documents vide which goods were imported
bullet Original export documents along with original EP copy
bullet Goods should have been reimported within 6 months of date of export
bullet Reimport of exported goods
bullet The reimport should take place within 3 years of export date
bullet Goods to be rexported within 6 months of import
bullet Re export bond to be submitted
bullet Made in India label should be there on the product
bullet Original export and import documents
bullet Relevant documents showing proof of why the shipment is being imported back
bullet The import invoice and packing list should tally with the export invoice and packing list
bullet It is proffered that the shipment details like AWB No. (HAWB & MAWB). /bill of lading (HBL & MBL), invoice, packing list, and the flight details/vessel details should be given in advance. These details would help you to avoid demurrage.
bullet Airport authority of India allows 4 days demurrage free subsequently there is a charge of Rs. 4.45 per kg per day for general cargo and for valuables it is Rs. 8.90 per kg per day
bullet In sea shipments the ground rent is free for 4 days and container detention time is free for 5 days until specified in the B/L at the port of loading.
bullet Detentions charges are separately charged by shipping line and port authorities/concor. Rates vary, kindly ask for details.
bullet In case of air shipments consigned to bank an authority letter from the banker along with original AWB is required. In shipments consigned directly to consignee an authority letter on the consignees letter head is required. These letters must be in favor of the concerned airline.
bullet In regard to sea shipments on the backside of bill of lading the importer must endorse the original copy of B/L. In case the consignment is consigned to bank, the bank and the importer must endorse the original copy of bill of lading.
bullet If it is a government import, then we need duty exemption certificate from the concerned authority. In case of any concessionnal rate of duty is claimed, please provide the relevant customs notification along with necessary certificate/bond/undertaking as required under the notification.
bullet As per Indian customs law advance IGM must be filed minimum 4 hours prior to the flight landing and the vessel docking, so pre-alerts must be with us to enable us to do that, barring which a penalty will be levied. Also a misdeclaration can lead to penalties.
bullet In case of high sea sales, the high sea sale agreement and agreement letter from buyer confirming the sale, addressed to the Dy. Commissioner of Customs should be attached, with the rest of the documents. There is value loading on these sales.
bullet The inter-state entry permit must be provided with all the documents to avoid delay in sending the shipment after custom clearance.
bullet In case of shipments being cleared under EPCG the following documents will be required:
bullet Original EPCG license
bullet Copy of import license application submitted to the licensing authority for obtaining of license
bullet EPCG bond in prescribed format of Rs. 100.00 stamp paper
bullet Legal undertaking in prescribed format of Rs. 20 stamp paper
bullet Bank certificate or turnover certificate, certified by central excise
bullet Copy of board resolution authorizing the signatory for executing the bond and undertaking.
bullet In case of group company a bond is required which preferably must have a custom notification related to it for the custom clearance to be smooth and effective.
bullet Always ensure your import consignment has the proper marking as mandated by Indian customs.
bullet Invoice and pacing list must mention HS code number.






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