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Check List for Importers

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Points to Remember while sending a Shipment for Export




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Points to Remember while sending a Shipment for Export

bullet Challan specifically stating that these goods are for export only to: (name of buyer, country), and are being sent to Sunrise Frieght Forwarders, (address of branch) for shipment from ICD (name)/port (name)

Details of number of packages and are in transit to (name) ICD/port, and are being transported by (truck number)
bullet Challan to be accompanied by invoice and packing list of the concerned shipment.
bullet All documents (specially invoice, packing list, shipping instructions) to be emailed to the concerned branch/office before the shipment leaves the warehouse of the shipper.
bullet All documents required for shipment with completely filled up shipping instructions to be couriered /dispatched/handed, over to the concerned branch/office the same day the shipment leaves the warehouse.
bullet All cartons to be marked with the following on them. This is as per Indian customs laws and also enables the goods to be easily identifiable.
bullet Consignors and consignee name and address
bullet Invoice No.
bullet Package number
bullet Detailed number of lot (like 1 of 10)
bullet Port of loading and port of destination






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